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Galanaur, capital of the Nautilar Enclave established atop a Great Scaphodon.

The Enclaves are the underwater nations of the Idoneth Deepkin. Each of these isolated nations have their own cultures and traditions, influenced by their citizens and the environments they are found in. Ever prone to fractionalization and separatism, many Idoneth Enclaves begin when factions of an existing enclave lay claim to their own territories, and form their own distinct nation.[1a]


Each Enclave is governed by a ruling council comprised of both powerful mages and priests of the Isharann caste and generals known as Akhelian Kings, or Akhelian Queens. Each member of the council is expected to be skilled at their own duties, as well as capable statesmen that can ably lead their people.[1b]


The population of any given enclave is divided into three castes. At the bottom of this caste system are the Namarti, who vastly outnumber the other two castes, who are little more than slaves. Above them are the ruling castes of the Isharann and Akhelian.[2a]

Common Features

While every Enclave is radically different from their peers, their are a number of facilities and structures that can commonly be found throughout them all. These include the Comhahr City Halls, Amoch-Túr Guard Islands, and Chorileum Gardens.[2a] Other common features include:

Known Enclaves

Prime Enclaves

  • Ionrach: Believing themselves to be the first and noblest among their kind, the Ionrach see themselves as the steering hand of Idoneth civilization, attempting to lead from their city of Priom. They boast holding within each of the Mortal Realms and have long attempted to unite their disparate people in the assembrals.[1a]
  • Dhom-hain: In their own tongue their name means Deep Questors, a name they took after a long and arduous journey through the seas of the Realm of Ghur. Their capital is known as Rúndhar, the Secret City.[1a]
  • Fuethán: The Fuethán are militaristic, even by the standards of the Idoneth, and from their stronghold in the Mordacious Sound of Aqshy they have led many devastating raids across the Realm of Fire's coastlines.[1a]
  • Mor'phann: The Mor’phann are one of the most insular enclaves and have made their home in the dismal Great Quagmire of Shyish. Their isolation has recently been contested with the destruction of one of their offshoot enclave, the Aighmar, as Nagash now seeks to find what lurks beneath his oceans. Their capital, Mor'drechi, is well known for it's black-shell fortresses.[1a]
  • Nautilar: The Nautilar have made a home for themselves not on the seafloor, but on the back of a Great Scaphodon. Here they have carved out the city of Galanaur, considered the grandest of all Idoneth cities.[1a]
  • Briomdar: The Briomdar forsook the crowded streets of Priom to found their own nation in the Green Gulch of Ghyran. Within the Gulch they built the Crannstok, a citadel made wood taken from the surrounding underwater forest. Their Isharann claim to have secrets that can one day save the entire Deepkin race.[1a]

Other Enclaves


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