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Akhelian Artefacts
Name Description Notes
Sanguine Pearl These Pearls are the colour of freshly spilt blood. When attached to the hilt of a weapon wielded by an Akhelian Warrior, they protect the bearer in the maelstrom of combat.
Potion of Hateful Frenzy Distilled from the mighty Ketus-Shark's blood, this potion turns the drinker into an engine of hate-filled destruction. Once it wears off, however, they are exhausted.
Ankusha Spur This sharpened spur is crafted from the ankusha shell's near unbreakable spines. It can be used by Akhelians to goad the ferocious bond-beasts they ride.
Armour of the Cythai Teclis gave this ancient armour to some of the first Idoneth. Upon the bearer's command, the armour raidates the light of Hysh; a fitting gift, from the great Illuminator.
Bio-Shock Shell This mollusc shell fossilised within a Fangmora den for over thousands of years. It absorbed so much of the Eel's crackling energies, that it now acts as a generator, whose pent-up electrical energies can be released by the bearer at need.
Abyssal Blade The darkest and most hateful of thoughts were stripped from a Chorrileum to temper this weapon. Years of repressed rage are made manifest, giving the sword the ability to cut through armour and drink deep in the enemy blood. It's power is greater still against the servants of the ancient enemy, Slaanesh...
Isharann Artefacts
Name Description Notes
Steelshell Pearl It is said that some pearls are formed at such great depths that they are as strong as steel. The strange aura that surrounds these gems has the power to repel incoming missiles.
Mind Flare The crackling manifestation of a bioluminescent flare suddenly illuminates the gloom of the ethersea, a flash that can blind predators or stun prey.
Dritchleech These incredibly rare worms feed off of Magic, and can drain arcane energies. The Isharann have long been immune to their effects, but the same cannot be said for enemy wizards.
Auric Lantern This magical artefact can be used by the Isharann to turn the opponent's soul force into a beacon for the Idoneth Deepkin that are hunting them.
Disharmony Stones These rare deepwater rocks can be attuned to a mortal being's soul force. If the two are struck together, the resulting energy is so discordant that it can cause dreadful harm to those connected to them.
Brain Barnacles Dreaded deep-sea parasites, they are microscopic arthropods native to the ethersea. Idoneth harvest them and capture them in vials. When released, they attach themselves to sentient creatures and feed off of their thoughts.
Idoneth Artefacts
Name Description Notes
Rune of Surging Tides Mindforged by Gabhai, greatest of Tidecasters, this runic sigil can be used to summon a swift stream of ethersea that can hasten an Idoneth Deepkin phalanx, or a phantasmal riptide that drags the foe under.
Black Pearl The incredibly rare Black Pearl can only be found in the deepest amd darkesr of waters. It is prized for the aura of protection it projects.
Lilandra's Last Lament Lilandra was a Cythai, and a powerful sorceress. Alas, the magic of soul transference was developed too late to save her children, so she fell into a melancony from which she never recovered. She sang her song of lamentation into the brón conches, where it was enshrined forever. They say that should one of the shells be shattered, it will release Lilandra's woe in the form of am eerie dirge that has a powerful effect on those nearby.
Terrornight Venom This venom was extracted from a terrifying Terrornight Medusa. If a weapon is coated with it, the smallest cut will bring about a sense of nausea and impending doom upon the victim.
Cloud of Midnight This fragile vial is drawn from a Krakigon's ink, used to create total obscurity. When shattered, it cloaks the bearer within a cloud of hidden darkness.
Whorlshell This spiritually sensitive shell opens up a whirling passageway into the bearer's psyche, showing their most repressed memories. Those without the strength of will to bear it will be pulled into an abyss of despair, smothering their will to fight.

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