I, Behemat

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I, Behemat
Author(s) Eric Gregory
Released 2021

I, Behemat is a short story by Eric Gregory about a cunning Grot, Yaggle and his unlikely friendship with a Mega-Gargant, Hradoth. [1]


This page contains spoilers for: I, Behemat

Once a member of the Pitskulker Skrap he was exiled by the Loonboss Wazzit. He managed to sruvive and whilst eating his way through the livestock of a human farm, he encountered the Mega-Gargant Hradoth and narrowly avoided being eaten himself by claiming to be an avatar of Behemat! Although suspicious, Hradoth went along with the tale and was led to the hideout of his old tribe which he smashed and devoured. [1]

Hradoth confinded in him that he had been thrown out of his small family tribe, still ruled over by his gargant Auntie. Together they sought vengeance and after distracting said Auntie, killed her three sons, the mega-gargant's cousins. A tribe of Spiderfang grots sought out the mega-gargant, hoping to kill him before they suffered the same fate as the Pitskulker Skrap, but Hradoth ate them as well. [1]

They now travel together, looking for a good meal. [1]


This story was first printed in White Dwarf July 2021.


I, Behemat, is gonna lead you, Hradoth, to the best meal of your life. And when it is the best meal of your life, you'll know that i's really the godbeast reborn, and you got to listen to what I say.

~ Yaggle to Hradoth.[1]