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Hulmean of Dath, Hulmean Cancreson was a Chaos Lord and a member of the Joyous Revelry. [1]


A giant of a man, sealed into his black armour from which grey hair and strange wet gleaming growths protruded - he stank of spices and rot. [1a] He himself rides to war on a great Chaos Warshrine. [1b] The front of the shrine was made of gold, resembling dozens of obscenely entwined bodies and festooned with thousands of censors that emitted cloying incense. It was pulled by a number of mutated horses. In his last battle, Hulmean carried a immense horn to summon and command his gargants. [1c]


He had a very large warband including:


He claimed to have swam in seas of excess and endured the embrace of the Mother of Daemons as well as wrestling ogors and wooed the daughters of kings. [1d]

When the Revelry made its second major assault on the Stormcast Eternals that had come to claim the ruins of Caddow and its Realmgate, he was one of the three champions chosen to lead the attack, being assigned the Central Plaza. [1a]

He and his army fought hard to reach their objective, crashing through the outer defences with heavy losses to both sides, there he strode forth and challenged anyone to face him in battle, calling out to all his many deeds and powers. Gardus Steel Soul went silently to meet him and to the chaos champions briefly felt horror and surprise killed him in three blows. [1d]


No, my lord. No insult. It was merely an observation. We are not your friends. We are are your servants. We are as much your blade-slaves as those mirror-helmed eunuchs who ghost your path. Lemerus and Etax may not admit it, but I am not so foolish as they. I do not pretend to have free will.

~Hulmean to Bokhos .[1b]


Like many lords of Chaos, he had quite a few including: The Black Son of Dath, Hulmean the Hero,


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