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Hulio is a Lector of Nordrath who has served in the position since at least two decades before the retaking of Caddow.[1a]


A bentback old man by the time of the retaking of Caddow, Hulio had unruly but threadbare hair and a face covered in wrinkles. When attending to his church he wore robes of pale blue over ceremonial golden armour.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Before becoming the Lector of Nordrath he served as a war-priest among several Nordrathi Freeguild regiments. During that time he met the legendary Gardus Steel Soul, during a posting at Hammerhal Ghyra, where he had gifted the Stormcast with a signed collection of his own sermons. Their friendship would continue well into Hulio's old age, though he would come to be embarrassed of gifting his sermons to Gardus.[1a]