House Junica

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House Junica is a noble house from Azyr with ties to the Grand Conclave of Excelsis. In the past some members of the family even served in the Grand Conclave of Azyrheim.[1]


It was House Junica that funded the construction of Marshpoint and established the first silksteel plantations that provide the Freeguilds of Excelsis with much needed armor, as the free city has very little access to steel or other metals. The holdings in Marshpoint are governed by Lord Kiervaan var Junica.[1]

They are allowed to maintain a standing army to guard their holdings in Marshpoint, so long as they pay their taxes and continue to ship silksteel to Excelsis.[1]

Notable Members

  • Kiervaan var Junica: Lord of the estates in Marshpoint. Despite his self-aggrandizement, he is a minor scion of the house and was given his position only because the other lords of the house had better things to do.[1]
  • Aldrec Junica: Firstborn son of Kiervaan var Junica. Killed by Ghedren, his father's steward, in an attempt to appease the White Witch.[1]