House Il’leath

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House Il’leath are the Sylvaneth, part of Brocelann, a Wyldwood. [1]

The Sylvaneth have long endured in the Wyldwood of Brocelann with their spiritual centre being the Evergreen, the Heartglade, a clearing at peak of the woods uplands and in turn at its centre is the Kingstree where the noble families gather in council and muster wargroves. [1]

The lamentri of slain treefolk are plnated with Soul-Pods in the grove, the Forest Folk nearest the surrunding trees, whilst tree-revenants and other nobility are planted in the centre, ranked by their dedication to the woods seasons. Treelords are planted in soulpods in the shade of the Kingstree itself. The soul-pods are teneded by a trio of branchwyches.[1]



Give Brocelann new life, and we will resist these invaders for an eternity. Ghyran endures.

~ Thaark to Nellas. [1]


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