House Dezraed

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House Dezraed is a noble house from Azyr with ties to the Grand Conclave of Excelsis. In the past some members of the family even served in the Grand Conclave of Azyrheim. The Dezraeds would migrate and settle the Free City of Excelsis long before the Junica, their rivals and foes, and they played a vital role in the creation of the city.[1]


The heraldry of House Drezraed is that of an aetherhawk in flight. This emblem is embossed on the chest plates of the House's soldiers and the barding of the pale horses used by those soldiers.[1]


House Dezraed owns silksteel plantations near the frontier town of Marshpoint, in the Realm of Ghur. These plantations are defended by a standing army of mercenaries on the family's payroll. These operations are maintained by Lord Fenrol var Dezraed, a minor member of the family.[1]

The heraldry of this noble family can be found on banners hanging from Excelsis's market square and Halls of Justice.[1]

Notable Members