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Horrin is a Innkeeper who runs the Brazen Claw Inn near the Amethyst Heights in the Realm of Shyish [1]

A stout human with a friendly, satisfied manner, he is married to Ninian. [1]


He was born in the necropolis of Pandanjan, his mother a landsteer from the Realm of Ghur who had married a tomb warden of that city, which the living and dead shared. His father expected him to follow in his footsteps and after his wife’s death pledged to travel to the underworld where her spirit would have gone to rest. [1]

Horrin was not ready however to take up such a role and departed rather than become an apprentice to the wardens. He travelled in search of a Realmgate to the land of his mother’s people and learning of the Argent Gate, headed for it – not knowing it hung in the air! In his travels, he discovered a Great Claw that arose from a single pinnacle of rock and found an old couple who scratched an existence there, tending a fire at the summit – the fireplace ancient and craved into the rock itself. [1]

The old man told him that letting the fire go out would awaken the giant that slumbers beneath the rock, whose hand alone protruded. He was tricked into taking the couples place in tending it and found himself tied to the place. [1]

However, rather than trick another to take his place in turn he looked after the odd wandering traveller and eventually created a small house which, with the help of those to whom he offered hospitality grew to become a fine inn. Members of the Kharadron Overlords paid him to establish a mooring platform for their trading and packet ships due to its proximity to the Argent Gate and again he expanded his business. [1]


I was a foolish boy, but no longer. Brewer, carpenter, farrier – I have learned to be them all. Hundreds of people come here. Tales from every land I hear. Burning a few logs every day is no great price to pay. I am glad of my fate.

~ Horrin to his guests.[1]