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The Hopeful Traveller was a airship and trading vessel owned by the Human Sky-merchant Rollo Tarn [1a]

It resembled a conventional galley , but rather than sails, its masts had huge canvas bags and the double bank of oars were fanshaped constructions of wood and cloth designed to catch the wind. One of the thousands of airships, sky-cutters and leaf-boats that travelled to and from Hammerhal Ghyran every day, Tarn used it to transport wood from the forests to provide building material in the city, obtaining it from mysterious sources. [1a]

The large gas bags of the ship were green in colour and marked with runes inscribed by the Collegiate Arcane.[1b]

Above the city of Hammerhal, the ship was destroyed in a conflict between its master and Sol Gage and his allies.[1c]


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