Hollow Forest

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The Hollow Forest is a forest in the Jade Kingdom of Thyria in Ghyran.[1]


Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos it was ravaged by Clan Morbidus, that gnawed at its roots until the trackless ocean of vibrant flora and immense woodlands were left desiccated and dead.[1]

Age of Sigmar

At the start of the Age of Sigmar, Alarielle drove the Skaven away and restored it to life. At the top of a plateau she built The Living City for her mortal allies. In exchange they became wardens of the Hollow Forest.[1][2a]

Flora and Fauna

The Everqueen herself restored this forest to full, vibrant life after the swarms of Clan Morbidus were chased away. The reborn woodlands are akin to a vast, trackless and vibrant sea of trees, such as ghost-elms and sighing willows.[1][2a]