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Magister is a fixed position upon the Grand Conclave of a City of Sigmar. The office is often held by the highest-ranked member of the Collegiate Arcane within the city.[1a] Some Free Cities use variations of the title, such as High Magister used in Greywater Fastness and Magister-Supreme used in Vandium.[5a][9a]

Role and Responsibility

A Magister serves as the highest authority on arcane matters in a Free City.[4a] Often they will also be the highest-ranked member of a city's Collegiate Arcane.[1a]

The Magister of a Free City's Conclave often serves as a representative of the Collegiate Arcane.[2a] They have also been known to be tasked with researching the ancients magics of fallen civilizations, whose ruins are within the borders of their city's territory, as was the case of [[Cadice Amard.[6a] Others have been known to seek out the secrets of obscure or esoteric magical arts.[5a]

Known Magisters