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A High Gladiatrix leads a charge against the Nighthaunt.[4]

The High Gladiatrixes are Witch Aelves or Sisters of Slaughter of the Daughters of Khaine faction,[1a] embodying the pinnacle of their values.[3] They have become paragons of combat and been marked as champion fighters of the Khainite gladiatorial arenas.[1a]


The High Gladiatrixes do not hold formal position within the leadership structure of the Khainite war-covens,[1a] but their ceremonial rank carries great renown and respect, which lets them have greater freedom to pursue battles however they wish.[1d] They also oversee the gladiatorial arenas and carry the will of Khaine with daily sacred butchery.[3] Their glory earned in the arenas has become a way of life, demanding ironclad will to survive and overcome ever more perilous brutal challenges in the pits. There is no one precise moment when these warriors are given the prestigious rank, instead they must live a constant life of struggle for dominance[1a] and display extraordinary aptitude for their art.[1d] The High Gladiatrixes and their death-defying feats are sacraments to the Bloody-Handed One, their fanatical presence and display of slaughter their deity's will made manifest.[1a]


The High Gladiatrixes are descibed as one-woman armies fighting skillfully with glaive, barbed whip and blade.[1a][1b] They stride at the head of their sisters' advance, flourishing their weapons and riding the wave of fanaticism spread throughout the war covens.[1b] On the battlefield they almost radiate divine power: blocking blows with their whips, knocking projectiles from the air, and even bursting hostile sorceries with a flick of the wrist, as well as inspire their fellow warriors with heightened fervour of murder.[1a]




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