Nevergreen Mountains

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A map of Nevergreen Mountains an it's surrounding area.

The Nevergreen Mountains is a location in the Realm of Ghyran[1] to the West of of Hammerhal Ghyra.[2]


The Hexwood is a forest of dark pines heavily corrupted by the powers of Tzeentch that covers the slopes of these mountains. It's twisted scaly pine trees rise up like the crumbled parapets of a broken citadel.[1]

Sigmar sent a lesser manifestation to these forest after sensing something was amiss and heard the taunting laughter of Tzeentch. The Tzaangors of this forests held many Soul-Pods hostage inside a Flux-Cairn to keep the Sylvaneth from destroying them. Sigmar's presence here drew the attention of Alarielle and the Azyrite god hoped to offer his assistance to Alarielle but she was unwilling to listen or accept it.[1]

Sigmar sent forth a large force of Stormcast Eternals from the Hallowed Knights and the Faithful Blades Freeguild Regiment to try to cleanse the wood of the beatsmen and free the hostages. Although they were ambushed on the way to the Hexwood by tzaangors, they perservered and Lord-Celestant Gardus Steel Soul and Liberator Serena Sunstrike were able to free the Sylvaneth soul-pods allowing them to take their own vengeance on their captors.[2]

Emerald Line

The Emerald Line is a frontier border between the territory claimed by Hamerhal Ghyra and the Hexwood. A string of watchtowers defended by companies of Freeguilds stretch along this border.[3a]