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The Hermdar lodge emblem

The Hermdar are a Fyreslayer lodge clearly distinguished by their bright orange and yellow hair and beards, and their glowing fyresteel weapons. They have a deep rooted hatred of tyrants and despots and have earned notoriety among fyreslayers for accepting contracts to slay such rulers or free those they oppress for a shockingly low price - they have even been known to charge nothing at all.[1a]


The Hermdar are descended from the Grymdar, one of the First-Forged lodges. When the Grymdar were destroyed early in the Age of Chaos their royal line was severed and the lodge scattered, the survivors founded the Hermdar and elected their greatest Karl to become the new Runefather. He took the name Hermdar-Grimnir and led his lodge to retake their lost hold of Karadrum. However it had been so damaged in the fighting that the Zharrgrim forced the volcano to erupt and sealed the hold with magma.[1a][1b]

Now without a home, the new lodge founded a hold - the Grymnhold - beneath the highest peak of the Adamantine Chain where, in the heart of the mountains they discovered the how to blend fyresteel that never looses the heat it was forged with. From this fortress they sold their services to the peoples of the Flamescar Plateau and played a vital role in preserving their freedom throughout the Age of Chaos.[1a][1b]

Age of Sigmar

In the Age of Sigmar the Hermdar were hired to destroy the Prison-Fortress of Blackiron for an incredibly low fee. They also ended the gut-tyranny of Thogbrute in the long Cracked Plain campaign and didn't even charge their employers upfront. Once this became known amongst the Fyreslayers it caused widespread grumbling and complaints that the Hermdar were undercutting the other lodges.

During this time they also forged close ties with the new Cities of Sigmar.[1c]


Oath-takers and skull-breakers, they have fought hard in the many wars to free the Great Parch from the tyranny of Chaos. This and their willingness to fight to free the enslaved and oppressed for little to no gold has earned them their reputation as 'Slayers of Tyrants' amongst the tribes around the Adamantine Chain. Their reputation amongst other fyreslayers however, is less positive. They see their actions as foolish and think their low prices are undercutting them, yet the Hermdar are strong-willed and tough-skinned and care little for these accusations.[1b][1d]

Battle Strategy

In battle the Hermdar have developed a distinctive fighting style of unrelenting, all-out attack that flows quickly into a fierce and unbreakable defence. This method of war has helped the Hermdar in their campaigns to free slaves and secure Ur-Gold.[1d]


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