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Mighty in War, Cunning in Trade [1]

Helstone was a major city in the Realm of Shyish, now in ruins. [1]

A vast city that at its height housed millions of people and was ruled by the Princes of the Ninety-Nine Circles. The ruins are now inhabited by the descendants of the survivors, degenerated into members of the Flesh-Eater Courts. [1]


Age of Myth

It built its wealth in this era, sitting across the trade routes from the Skull Isles to the cities of the Amethyst Underworld. The princes of the city surrendered when Nagash himself arrived outside their walls. [1]

It traded with Shadespire across the Sea of Dust using wind-galleys and dust-barques. [3a]

Age of Chaos

The Dark Gods sent vast armies against the city and eventually destroyed its and valiant defenders – the survivors fled into the Hidden Circle of the city, using the Hollow Towers. There they degenerated into members of the Flesh-Eater Courts. [1][4a]

During the city's end, mighty heroes of the city known as the Ninety-Nine Companions though they only ever numbered a couple dozen, defended it. [4a]

Age of Sigmar

The upper levels were held by the forces of Chaos, under a champion of Nurgle, Sloughscale. When Stormcast Eternals under Lord-Celestant Tarsus Bull-Heart arrived in search of the Nine gates he flung vast numbers of Beastmen and his own Blightlords against them. It was only with the aid of the ghoul who obeyed Mannfred von Carstein that the warriors of Sigmar were able to defeat them. [1]

Flora and Fauna

The Architecture of Southern Shyish by Palento Herst notes the fiercely protective rooklings, small birds that make their nests from whatever caught their attention. [3b]


  • The Ninety Nine Circles: Vast areas that climbed towards the sky, beginning at the Sea Caves and finishing in the clouds. [1]
  • The Hollow Towers: These were used to move between the Circles, the largest was the Deep Gate. [1]
  • The Hidden Circle: Where the citizens of Helstone hid in the city during its destruction. [4a]

Notable inhabitants