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Hellstriders of Slaanesh are muscular warriors of the Hedonites. They ride on the back of impossibly swift, daemonic Steeds of Slaanesh who attack with their poisoned tongues. They are devotees of torment, those who have dedicated their lives to inflict pain and despair in exchange for physical power. They aim their blows at their victims so that it prolongs the agonising moment of death for as long as it can. When they do slay their foes, Slaanesh rewards them with a burst of intoxicating energy.[1a][1b][2]

They are lead by an Hellreavers and supported by Hornblowers and Standard Bearers, either wielding a Banner or an Icon.[1a][1b]


Those who climb on the back of the Steeds of Slaanesh can never dismount, becoming Hellstriders of Slaanesh.[1a]


They wear unusual angular armour covered in sigils, classical-styled helmets with plumes or curved blade and circular shields with the icon of Slaanesh.[2]

Some carry enormous, whip-like barb-ended Hellscourges, weapons of choice for those expert in inflicitng painful wounds. Others have Claw-spears infused into their arms, better for inflict crippling and ultimately fatal wounds.[1a][1b][2]



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