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Hellflayers are a type of Chariot of Slaanesh. They take the principle of the Seeker Chariot a step further; whereas a more traditional chariot is long and sleek, the Hellflayer is broad, its two Steeds not bound by a yoke, but ridden by Daemonette cavaliers on either end of a massive axle made of bladed wheels. Each wheel is starlike in shape and the prongs curve in such a way that they impale anything they run over like a mass of elegant silver claws. The weapons of the Hellflayer are ensorcelled weapons that bear a strange curse - mortals slain by these slashing blades have their souls transmuted into an incense breathed in with ecstasy by the Allurer that stands tall upon its fighting platform. [1a]

These conveyances were once used to mow through Slaanesh’s hellish gardens in the Realm of Chaos. In it were planted the souls of those who had wronged him, buried under the fleshy ground with only their forearms and lower legs sticking above the ground. Each day the Hellflayers rode over these fields of outstretched limbs, cutting the fingers, toes, hands and feet of the buried prisoners – such extremities are rich in nerves, and their sudden mutilation always provokes an extreme reaction. Overnight, the limbs of the imprisoned souls regrew, ready for the Hellflayers to cut them to ribbons the next day to a chorus of sudden, outraged screams. [1a]

Eventually, a clique of Daemonettes grew tired of this repetitive duty and thought to bring their contraption to war on the material plane, where it proved just as adept at slicing through ranks of enemies. Though the presumptuous crew were transformed into marble statues as punishment, the machine proved so effective that it has been used by the Daemons of Slaanesh ever since. [1a]


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