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A Hellblade is a jagged, iron sword held by all Bloodletters. This blackened blade burn with an unquenchable lust for slaughter. Its edges are honed to razor sharpness by Khorne’s eternal hatred so that it can pierce armour, separate head from neck, or sever an ogor’s thick arm without slowing its course. A single scratch from a hellblade is often enough to fell even the hardiest of foes. When wetted with blood, such swords glow or smoulder, smoking and guttering as they greedily absorb the life essence of mortals. Legends surround how these horrific weapons are forged; some say the hellblade is shaped from its wielder’s essence, while certain myths claim that the soul of another angry daemon forms the core of the sword. Whatever the truth, once grasped a hellblade can never be discarded or torn from its wielder’s hands. Each life taken by a hellblade only serves to fuel the fury of the Bloodletter who wields it. No matter how much the sword drinks, however, its thirst remains unquenchable, for it is Khorne’s way to always demand more blood.[1a]


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