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The Free City of Heldost is a city that has been overrun by the Flesh-eater Court of King Shivergore.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Sometime after the Age of Sigmar a band of Fyreslayer mercenaries were hired by the Stormcast Eternals of Celestrium to retake the Oculus Gate and the city around it. When they did not return, Lord-Relictor Daeroth of the Hammers of Sigmar led a force of twelve Stormcasts to investigate. They were ambushed and overwhelmed by the Mordant host living in the ruins.[1a]


The once proud city has long since fallen into disrepair with none of the crumbling walls within it standing higher than a man. The bridges of Heldost lay broken and the water of the canals beneath them have long since dried, replaced with ancient corpses.[1a]