Heirborn Day

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Heirborn Day is a celebration held by a Fyreslayer Lodge upon the birth of every new Runeson, and in some Lodges every new Runedaughter as well, born into the royal family of the Lodge.[1a]


The birth of a new heir is seen as a joyous event to all, except the newborn Runeson or Runedaughter's siblings who see it merely as the birth of a new competitor for the throne of the Runefather. On this day regular work is set aside, toasts are had in the name of the newborn child, and ceremonial combat is held.[1a]

Trials of Grimfyre

During the festivities the Trials of Grimfyre are held, where gladiators compete for the right to become Hearthguard Berzerkers. Winners will come to serve as the heir's personal retinue and bodyguards.[1a]