Heir of Shadows (short story)

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Heir of Shadows
Heir of Shadows Cover 2023.jpg
Author(s) Taylor Roberts
Released April 13, 2023
Pages 28
ISBN 978-1-80407-496-1

Heir of Shadows is a Dawnbringers Week short story by Taylor Roberts.[1]


Anhil, an injured witch aelf, follows a Dawnbringer Crusade with nefarious purpose. Unbeknownst to the Khainite warrior, another soul in the ranks of the Crusade has a hidden agenda of her own...[1]


This short story was part of The Dawnbringers Week 2023 eShort Subscription bundle, that contained five short stories focusing on the denizens of the Free Cities and their crusades to reconquer the Mortal Realms.[2]