Hedonites of Slaanesh Armoury

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Name Description Notes
Lash of Despair A whip that causes soul-streamers to strike wildly at all nearby. It cords are spun soul-stuff.
Breathtaker A blade that captivates those it strikes and saps their will to retaliate. It is laced with ornate filigrees and capable of moving with unnatural grace.
Enrapturing Circlet A daemonic band that wraps its variegated tendrils around the hardened soul of warriors.
Icon of Infinite Excess The most opulent standard of Slaanesh that drives both it foes and followers into orgiastic fits of violence.
Mask of Spiteful Beauty A mask that make it wearer appear as having an unbearably perfect face. It fills the souls of those who behold it with disgust at their own appearance.
Fallacious Gift This weapon makes itself desired to those behold it, appearing to them as a sacred weapon, instead of the creation of a cruel god that it is.

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