Khinerai Heartrender

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A flock of Heartrenders fighting alongside other Scáthborn

Khinerai Heartrenders are wingend Scáthborn of the Daughters of Khaine.

Armed with shadow magic-crafted barbed javelins, Heartrenders perform deadly hit and run attacks. Their barbed weapons are powerful enough to fly through a mounted warrior and their steed and still embed themselves deep into the ground. Even as the weapon leaves their hands, the Heartrenders are already flying back up, new javelins materializing into their hands. Sometimes their blood-lust will draw them down to the ground for more conventional combat, where they fight with both their barbed javelins and the bladed heartpiercer shields.[4b][2]

Khinerai Heartrenders hide their faces underneath grotesque metal masks. They dont show their faces even in front of their fellow Khainites. Some propose that underneath these masks they hide horrifically deformed and avian faces. Their blood thirsty nature caused by them lacking the statuesque qualities prized by other Daughters of Khaine.

Their leaders are the Shrykes, each wearing a veiled helmet and a loincloth.[2]



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