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Harvestboon's symbol encapsulates the youthful vitality of this nascent glade, as well as their bold and warlike nature. Buried within its lines is another, darker truth – one that only the wisest may glean.[3]

Harvestboon Glade are the youngest glade of Sylvaneth, even the eldest amongst them only podborn during the Age of Chaos. In colour they are often bright and vibrant, echoing the hues of a new dawn. [1b]

In appearance the Harvestboon clans are most often seen arrayed in the vibrant hues of the dawning seasons. Silver-sheened barkflesh, lively green foliage, and tresses the colour of the morning sun are colourations common amongst the glade. [3]


Those of Harvestboon do everything with vigour, bringing the urgent vibrancy of the first green shoots of bloomtide to everything they do. They are the epitome of the energy of youth, and approach expansion, the purification of forests and the reclamation of sacred sites with the same fervour with which they fight Chaos.[3]

In addition to their exuberant ways, Harvestboon are famous for their Branchwraiths, who are known for the flowing beauty and power of their song and spellcraft. The Willowqueen sings the strongest song of all. With the confidence of the young, she drives her kin through one deadly conflict after another, seeking to clear the way for a future free from the taint of Chaos. She believes that she and her glade were made for the task of healing and restoring the Realm of Life.[3]


They are the smallest of the seven pre-eminent glades, and even after a significant soulpod planting number just over a dozen clans. However, what those of Harvestboon lack in numbers they more than make up for with inexhaustible wellsprings of zeal.[3]

So far, there are relatively few Harvestboon clans, but since Alarielle's rebirth their numbers have been spiralling higher with breathtaking speed. Each enclave boasts busy and burgeoning soulpod groves, and new Harvestboon wargroves are mustered daily, marching out to battle with their spirit-song full of hope.[3]


Even the eldest members of Harvestboon Glade were only podborn during the midst of the Age of Chaos. Born into battle, they have swiftly answered war's call, and are ever eager to muster. It was Harvestboon who spearheaded the attacks that reclaimed the sacred sites of Eiderhall and the Jadefalls, and led to the purification of the old Seven Rivers forest. Few among the Sylvaneth would deny that it is the wargroves of Harvestboon that have made the greatest advances in Alarielle's campaigns of resurgence. [3]

Although warlike in the extreme, those of Harvestboon are not gnarled with bitterness as are so many of the elder glades. Instead, they are the most hopeful and aspirational of their kind, even more so following the return of their goddess Alarielle. None were as overjoyed to see her emerge from the season of sorrows and be reborn in her war aspect. It is a change the Harvestboon wholeheartedly embrace, harnessing the invigorating energies released by the Everqueen's reawakening to stimulate the growth of a series of new soulpod seedings, many of which have already sprouted new clans and entire new wargroves. [3]


Aggressive and warlike, the Harvestboon Glade came into being during the Age of Chaos and are renowned for their spellcraft as well as the power and beauty of their songs, especially those of their [{Regent of the Glade|regent]] – the Willowqueen.[1b]

Harvestboon is the newest glade to rise to prominence. Their leader, the Willowqueen, was asked to join the Royal Moot by Alarielle during the Age of Chaos.[3]

All nine clans of the glade successfully besieged the Foulspine, a mighty Dreadhold in the Realm of Ghyran, impaling its ruler, Putrus the Rotlord on the thorn strewn battlements. [1b]

Known Clans

Harvestboon can only muster nine clans at the beginning of the Age of Sigmar[1b]



New Shoots grow the swiftest when the fires have passed, and with them grows a hope that long was lost.

~ Harvestboon Glade.[1b]

Color Scheme


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