Harradroth Gorehammer

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Harradroth Gorehammer is a Swords of Chaos Varanguard of the First Circle who has ridden through long years of slaughter. Before pledging his service to Archaon, Harradroth was a ferocious warrior of the Bloodbound whose talent for murder saw him rise high in Khorne’s favour. When he claimed the skull of a Varanguard, however, he saw an opportunity for glory on a grander scale. Harradroth still carries the battered helm of the Varanguard he killed – a reminder that, in the service of Chaos, only the strongest survive.[1]

During the Spider Empire War, Harradroth and the First Circle of the Varanguard fought through the underway with terrifying skill and fury as his lord assaulted the central Arachnarok nest. Leading the Swords of Chaos on a bloody rampage through the deep tunnels, Harradroth’s natural talent for destruction saw whole tribes of Spiderfang grots hacked to pieces, cementing the Everchosen’s dominion over the tunnels in the dried gore of his victims.[1]


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