Hargax's Pit-Beasts

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Hargax's Pit-Beasts is a Slaves to Darkness Regiment of Renown led by the Ogroid Myrmidon Hargax.[1]

Regimental Structure


The Pit of Shattered Pines was once dominated by Hagrax but he was expelled after he was defeated by a younger rival. Despite this he is still determined to reclaim his throne, using his age and wisdom to even the odds, by searching the lands for monsters to break into submission.[1]


This regiment will sell their services to anybody willing to help with new additions to this menagerie of monsters and help Hagrax recover his position of overseer of the Pit of Shattered Spines.[2]


Hargax uses many beasts in battle, but only those of the worthiest stock for his gladiatorial menagerie and constantly challenges them by forcing them to fight rival beasts. Additionally, he crushes their will through such brutal violence that his every bellowed command is obeyed quickly by his beasts.[1]


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