Hammers of Sigmar: First Forged (cover)

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Hammers of Sigmar: First Forged
Hammers of Sigmar First Forged cover 01.jpg
Author(s) Richard Strachan
Released December 2022

Hammers of Sigmar: First Forged is a novel by Richard Strachan and published by Black Library.[1]

Cover Description[1]

Paragons of the Stormcast Eternals, the Hammers of Sigmar take stern pride in their motto: first to be forged, never to fail. But when rumours reach Hammerhal of an old foe rising in the wastelands of the Great Parch, three of these warriors will be tested to their limits – and grapple with their roles as members of this warrior elite. Ferant Tidebreaker, a recently forged Liberator, struggles with his sense of unworthiness as he is assigned to the Hammerhands. Knight-Relictor Actinus, one of the few survivors of an all but destroyed chamber, searches his faith for a reason to continue. Machaera Dawnstar, a fearless Knight-Judicator, finds her vaulting ambition no match for the desperate rigours of combat.

With Vandus Hammerhand himself at the head of the expedition into the Great Parch, these vaunted Stormcast must learn what it truly means to be First Forged.