Hammerhal & Other Stories (Anthology)

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Hammerhal & Other Stories
Hammerhal & Other Stories cover.jpg
Author(s) Josh Reynolds, Matt Westbrook, Josh Reynold, David Guymer, Robbie MacNiven, David Annandale
Cover Artist Akim Kaliberda
Released 2017
Pages 504
ISBN 978-1-78496-697-3

Hammerhal & Other Stories is a anthology of novels and stories from the Age of Sigmar.

Cover Description

Dark forces stir within the bowers of the mysterious Hexwood. A great warhost of Tzaangor beastkin, creatures devoted to Tzeentch, the Architect of Fate, defile the once-verdant lands of Ghyran. All that opposes them are the noble Stormcast Eternals of the Hallowed Knights. Reforged in resplendent sigmarite and wielding the lightning of Azyr, few can stand against these heroes. But Tzeentch's followers are cunning, and as the Hallowed Knights wage bloody war, a second attack on the city of Hammerhal, which the Stormcasts are oath-sword to defend, is coming to pass. Both the warriors without and the hunters within the city must act fast or the truth about the Hexwood will undo everything they have fought so hard to protect.[1]

Anthology contains the following: