Hallowed Knights: Ghosts of Demesnus (short story)

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Hallowed Knights - Ghosts of Demesnus
Hallowed Knights Ghosts of Demesnus cover.jpg
Author(s) Josh Reynolds
Cover Artist Helge C. Balzer
Released 2018
ISBN 978-1-78572-932-4
Preceded by Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden (novel)
Followed by A Dirge of Dust and Steel (short story)

Ghosts of Demesnus is a short story by Josh Reynolds which describes the return of Gardus Steel Soul to the city of his birth and death, Demesnus [1]


Gardus SteelSoul, Lord-Celestant of the Hallowed Knights, has been having strange dreams. Changed by his reforgings on the Anvil of Apotheosis, Gardus now shines with celestial light... and dreams. Leaving his warriors behind in Hammerhal Aqsha, Gardus embarks on a personal mission, journeying to the fishmarkets of Demesnus, which he remembers as once being the greatest centre of learning in the Realm of Life. Will he find the secrets to the changes wrought upon his body and mind in Demesnus – or will he simply find himself in danger?


This page contains spoilers for: Hallowed Knights: Ghosts of Demesnus (short story)

Gardus Steel Soul returns home to the city in which he was born, lived and died fighting against the servents of Chaos, he is reacquainted with an old friend and discovers that he has been raised to the status of saint by some. Yet as he seeks to understand his present and future he must face ghosts and daemons of his past. [1]


Faith without question, is not faith. To be truly faithful, you must always question. You must always be flowing away from certainty, for in certainty, there is only stagnation. Perhaps not immediately, but it will come.

~Gardus Steel Soul to Dumala.[1]


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