Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid

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Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid
Hallowed Knights Black Pyramid cover.jpg
Author(s) Josh Reynolds
Released 2018
Pages 570
ISBN 978-1-78030-885-2
Preceded by A Dirge of Dust and Steel (short story)

Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid is a novel written by Josh Reynolds. It is the second book in the Hallowed Knights series. It tells the story of the founding of Gravewild.

Cover Description

As cities rise across the Mortal Realms, Lord-Celestant Gardus Steel Soul leads his Hallowed Knights into darkest Shyish, hoping to gain a foothold for the forces of Azyr. But as the foundations of a new citadel are laid, the Hallowed Knights find themselves beset by enemies both living and dead – including the Mortarch of Night, Mannfred Von Carstein. Now, Gardus must lead his warriors into the very heart of darkness in order to save the soul of a warrior long thought lost...[1]