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Lord Hakkrit is the master of Clan Fang of the Clans Verminus and a member of the Council of Thirteen. [1b]

When attending the Council, his tower dais is festooned with trophies - war banners and heads of enemies on spikes. [1a]


Lord Hakkit gained his exalted place by his immensley successful campaign to claim the city of bone, Mausol from the soulblight vampire Zhlatomir the Unholy. The vampire had built his new towering city over a war burrow who had fled his wrath, leaving it full of warpstone and valuable equipment. Hakkit gathered a powerful swarm, having gained the patronage of Thrashsnik of the Black Gnawing, a Verminlord Warbringer. He successfully played off the varied internal factions in such a brilliantly devious manner that it has now become legendary within Clan Fang.[1b]

His most powerful stronghold is in the Realm of Chamon, the ruins of the duardin stronghold Karak-a-Zaruk where hired Clans Skryre engineers have managed to restart the forges, corrupted in their own unique manner. With this unique resource, Lord Hakkrit has equipped his Forgefangs guard with weapons flashing with warp lightning and armour bedecked with the skaven Rune of Spite.[1c]


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