Hag Queen

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Hag Queen.

Hag Queens are the High Priestesses of the Khainite cult.[1a]


They chosen from the covenite of sisters by Morathi herself, for being the most zealous of their sect. The initiation rites that follow include a series of gory tests and blessings that culminate in the aspirant's immersion into a cauldron filled with shadow creatures from the nether-domains. Those that survive this final trial emerge more powerful than ever, able to channel Khaine's violent power.[1a]


The Hag Queen duty is to lead their temple's rites and rituals, words of power and divine incantations that allow Khaine's energies to flow with the spilling of blood. They are also responsible for the mixing poisons and potions into the proper formula, that will drive their fellow Khainites into a rapturous battle-rage.[1a]

But the most important duty of the Hag Queen, is to prepare the Cauldrons of Blood for the rituals of rebirth. Such rituals are necessary for the covenite sisters to remain youthful, for they have used these rituals to extend their lives far beyond even the eldest of aelf-kind. And without their regular rejuvenation baths many would age rapidly and die.[1a]




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