Hag Priestess

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Hag Priestesses are clerics of the Cult of Khaine and of the Daughters of Khaine.[1a]

Morathi, High Oracle of the Cult, selects suitable candidates from the ranks of the Witch Aelves, often because of their exceptional bloodthirstiness or zeal, but sometimes for her own ulterior motives. Should they survive the many trials of initiation, they will be strengthened by the experience and further filled with fanatical zeal for their god.[1a]

Hag Priestesses seek to become Hag Queens, but as most of those senior priestesses are near-immortal and well-versed in the ways of Khainite politics and warfare, opportunities for advancement are rare despite the junior priestesses' best efforts to create opportunities by duplicity or violence. Some are chosen by Morathi to become Soulbound, granting considerable power and freedom to act, but losing all formal connection to any temple of Khaine, effectively being exiled. Whilst Morathi will work through a soulbound priestess, she will never trust her in the same way as before due to her new allegiances to her Binding. [1a]


A mistress of poison in and out of combat, a Priestess is able, through blood rituals and incantations, to call down the wrath of Khaine and perform miracles in combat. She can also create witchbrews and potions that can render a sister immune to pain or inspire a quiet bookish mage to berserk fury. Hag Priestesses know the ancient secrets of the cult's bloody rebirth rituals and some may appear as mere youths, hiding many thousands of years of experience. [1a]


Let every vein be opened. Let every throat be cut. By bloody Khaine, my master, everyone dies tonight

~ Kellara, Hag Priestess of the Draichi Ganeth. [1a]