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Haaldhorm, the Wrathsinger of Clan Naeth'aer, is a Treelord Ancient of the Oakenbrow Glade. He is ancient even by the standards of the Sylvaneth with a timeless hatred for the gods and minions of Chaos.[1]


An ancient in a grove of ancients he fought throughout the Age of Chaos in the first War of Life. [1]

In the Age of Sigmar he saved the last remnants of the Peakwood, a Sylvaneth Enclave hidden atop the mountain-like Greatstump, defeating the skaven and forces of Nurgle led by Plaguelord Glurbchort.[1]


The most warlike of his clan's Treelord Ancients, Haaldhorm is not reckless, valuing all the Sylvaneth he takes to battle. He has mastered the art of the ambush and values the Forest Folk highly for their guerilla warfare skills.[1]


Those of Dreadwood might call us arrogant, but there are beetles in my bark that have more sense than they. Look thou at deeds and measure a being's worth by those, not by words. Our heritage is long and honourable, and those who would besmirch us should look upon their own.

~ Haaldhorm, Treelord Ancient.[2]


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