Gutter Runner

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A miniature of a Gutter Runner.

Gutter Runners black-clad Skaven death squads of the Clans Eshin that have proven themselves as Night Runners and were claw-picked by their masters to be initiated into the deeper mysteries of Eshin. Unlike other Great Clans in the Eshin Clans, a Skaven must earn the right to progress through the ranks and those that tried to trick or murder their way to the top are never heard from again. [1]

Gutter Runners are adept at both armed and unarmed combat, often acting as scouts and saboteurs that assasinate enemy leaders, steal plans, sabotage weapons and rations before the battle begins. When the battle begins they slip through the carnage like ghasts, striking weak points before fading away to strike another place.[1]


Gutter Runners are armed with a combination of Punch Dagger and Blades. They also carry Eshin Throwing Stars that are hurled at the enemy in volleys as ranged weapons.[2]


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