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Gutter Runners form the black-clad death packs of the Clans Eshin. They serve as scouts and saboteurs, weakening their foes before battle begins by killing enemy leaders, stealing plans, spiking guns or poisoning supplies. [1]


Being successful as Night Runners, they were claw-picked by their masters to find out the deeper secrets of Eshin. In order to receive such an honour, countless skaven try to murder or trick their way to the top. However, unlike other Great Clans, Eshin discourages usual inglorious methods, and those who are caught in the act do not die swiftly or easily. The surest way to become a Gutter Runner is to apply your stealth and ambush skills. [1][3a]


Trained in unique combat-arts of the Clans Eshin, Gutter Runners are masters at both armed and unarmed combat. Once the battle begins, they slip through the carnage like ephemeral ghast, using a fighitng style that allows them to attack with great speed and dexterity before fading away to strike another place.[1][2a][3a]


Gutter Runners are armed with Punch Daggers and Blades. They also carry Eshin Throwing Stars which are hurled at the enemy in rapid volleys. Their weapons are often coated in deadly poison. [2a][2b][3b]


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