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The Gutstuffers are a Mercenary Company of Maneaters who crave the taste of roasted flesh. [1]

Regimental Structure


The company found a group of Ironjawz attacking a caravan on the Thunderstone Reach in the Realm of Ghur, too late to save any of the humans, they killed the orruks and built a fire to roast all the dead. As they sat down to eat they were attacked by a force of Astral Templars who thought them part of the horde commanded by Gordrakk, however before too many died on each side a truce was reached. The Stormcast leader offered them a good fight and plenty of orruks to eat if they helped blunt the advance of the oncoming horde. [2][3]


Gordrakk? Doesn’t matter to me what that git does. I don’t take orders from no stinking orruk unless he pays me. Found ’em doin’ over the last of your weedy kind. Too late for the soft-flesh, but we smashed them greenies pretty good. We were cooking ’em up for later when you interrupted us. Gordrakk ain’t the boss of me, favourite of the Gulping God or no. Wouldn’t mind taking a bite outta that lizard of his, though.

~Unamed captain of the Gutstuffrs .[3]