Guild of Certified Thaumaturgists

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The Guild of Certified Thaumaturgists was a guild of alchemists and thaumaturgists set up by a group of students thrown out of the city of Hammerhal's famed Alchemists Guild for dangerous or unethical experiments.[1a] Though they are still based in the Cinderfall District of the Twin-Tailed City, their influence has extended to many other Cities of Sigmar, such as Anvilgard.[1a][2a]


Each chapter of the guild functions independently of the main guild in Hammerhal. Each and every member of this guild was once a member of the Alchemists' Guild of Hammerhal.[2a][1a] They have garnered a reputation for being dangerous and having few, if any, ethics when it comes to their alchemical creations.[2a]


The secret society of alchemists has made many dangerous powders, potions, and poisons that they sell to anyone willing to pay.[2a]

  • Alchemist's Folly: This amber-coloured gel is a by-product of the guild's attempts to make alternative power sources. The gel can be smeared upon any surface without doing it harm and then lit on fire, it will emit a smokeless blaze for a full ten minutes and illuminate the surrounding area. Additionally the substance can be smeared on a weapon and set ablaze. Unfortunately the concoction proved quite costly and is not widely produced. A single pot costing five-hundred drops of Aqua Ghyranis.[2a]
  • Mistwalker Gas: The substance known as Mistwalker Gas is sold in two-pronged canisters that can be inserted into the nostrils, a seal can then be removed that allows the user to inhale the substance whereupon their bodies change to the consistency of the gas. In this state the user can fade and blend into mists, such as those that perpetually envelop Anvilgard, though the return to physical form is a horrifically painful process. This substance is a popular commodity among assassins and high class thieves. A single dose costs three-hundred forty drops of Aqua Ghyranis.[2a]


  • Guildhall in Cinderfall District: Seemingly their main headquarters, located in the Cinderfall District of Hammerhal.[3a]
  • Anvilgard Guildhouse: The Guildhouse in Anvilgard is centered around a single crooked spire, made of local stone. This spire has a wooden door as an entrance, with a brazier hanging above it. Beside the spire is a great chimney that emits black and yellow smoke.[2a]