Guardian of Souls

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A Guardian of Souls.

A Guardian of Souls is a Nighthaunt wizard. In life, they were lesser Necromancers that used Amnethyst magic to their own ends, but no matter how much sorcerous might they accrued, they could not escape death. When Nagash acquired their souls, he reshaped them to his own needs. They hold vigil over the dead, serving as a nexus of deathly energy, driving other spirits for leagues around them to the very heights of malice. [1a] [2a]


Channelling the unholy light of their Nightmare Lanterns, the Guardian of Souls is able to summon forth the spirits of other Nighthaunt, or restore those damaged in battle. [1a] [2a]


In addition to a Chill Blade or Maul of Judgement, Guardians of Souls carry either a Nightmare Lantern - which has the light of Nagashizzar bound within it, invigorating the dark souls of any Nighthaunt it illuminates - or a Mortality Glass, an hour glass which makes the target feel as if time has slown down. [1a] [2a]





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