Guardian Idol

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Guardian Idols are arcane statues used by the Cities of Sigmar and Stormcast Eternals to form arcane shields around settlements ranging from massive Free Cities to Stormkeeps and Sigmarite Strongpoints.[1a][2a]


These statues are raised around the perimeter of the settlement and when powered by geomantic energy the idols erect a spiritual barrier that protects the settlement from arcane threats such as daemons and gheists. [1a][3]

Guardian Idols are among the prefabricated objects carried by Dawnbringer Crusaders and are placed around Sigmarite Strongpoints where they rely on a Nexus Syphon for power.[1a][3] Stormkeeps also use Guardian Idols with the idols used by the Dawnbringers themselves being based on the statues defending the Perspicarium.[2a]

Free Cities are defended by larger and vastly more powerful Guadian Idols with the Idols of the Greywater Fastness even being capable of repelling artillery strikes.[4a]