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The Gryphspine is a mountain range in the Realm of Ghur. [1a]

It can be found to the north of the landmass known as Thondia. [1a]

Many dangers can be found across the valleys and peaks of the Gryphspine Mountain Range. Chief among these being the Drakshaunt, a stronghold belonging to an order of Soulblight vampires. Equally as dangerous are the Flesh-Eater Courts who reside in the caves around the Soulblights' fortress, these delusional creatures believe their undead mounts are in fact the silver-furred Gryphons for which the mountains are named.[1a]

Monstrous Chimeras, Manticores, and other foul creatures of Chaos can be found prowling the mountains. Usually these creature lair near deposits of Realmstone and forgotten relics. Daemonic entities can be found within the peaks as well and all but the Kharadron avoid the peaks in fear of the creatures.[1a]