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The Grundtogg is arguably the most important ritual of the Fyreslayers, as it is when they receive their Ur-Gold Runes. The ritual itself is excruciating for the Fyreslayer undergoing it, as for Grimnir's power to fully take hold, the runes must be beaten directly into their skin, whilst still red-hot from the forge, hot enough to burn even the typically flame resistant flesh of a Fyreslayer. However, when it is done the Fyreslayer immediately feels a closer connection to their god, and begins to receive a portion of his power - though it is only fully released in battle. The whole process is incredibly physically and mentally exhausting and as such those undertaking the ritual are advised to rest and recover once it is over.

Sparks flew as the hammer drove the rune into Grumrek's flesh. The young duardin gritted his teeth against the pain, the thick smell of his own cooked flesh filling his nostrils.

'Good lad,' rumbled the Runesmiter. Grimnir tests us with pain, and he rewards us with his fire.'

Grumrek looked down to where the angled sigil now shone upon his arm. The flesh around it was hardly burned. Then somewhere in the shadows of the forge-temple a droning chant began, and Grumrek felt something stir within him.

'Take up your axe!' Bellowed the Runesmiter. 'Feel its weight within your hand. Grumrek did as he was bade, hefting his weapon, which now felt as light as if it had been beaten from tin, not forged from Fyresteel.

'That is Grimnir's power you feel in your blood, beardling,' growled the Runesmiter. ~ A Fyreslayers first Grundtogg.[21a]


During the Grundtogg some Runemasters will intone personal hammerchants.

It is tradition that after receiving their first Ur-Gold rune, a Fyreslayer will drink a draft of Magmalt Ale with their kin.


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