Grumbi's Furnace

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Grumbi's Furnace is an immense volcano near the Cynder Peaks of Aqshy, even surpassing Furios Peak in size.[1a]


The vents and lava flows give the mountain the appearance of having a gigantic duardin face on its slopes.[1a]


The Ironjawz of the Fang-Krushas, led by their Megaboss Gordrakk, gathered at Grumbi's Furnace. The call of their Warchanters caused an immense Waaagh! to gather near the volcano, which Gordrakk directed against the principal magmahold of the Dostev Fyreslayer Lodge. The orruks sacked the hold and destroyed the lodge after six seasons of war. The great green grin that appeared in the sky as the Dostev forge-temple fell portended Gordrakk's rise to preeminence as the Fist of Gork.[2a]