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Grubda Klarsdottr is a High Admiral and stubbornly traditionalist elder from Barak-Thryng.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Second Conference of Madralta

At the Second Conference of Madralta, Barak-Nar and Barak-Zilfin advocated prompt intervention to prevent their trade partners from being overrun. Citing the danger of the aethermatic disturbances, the rest of the Geldraad banded together under the leadership of Klarsdottr - who held the key swing vote in any debate - to veto this initiative.[1b]

It was the impromptu intervention of Drongon Humboldsson and Gromthi that changed the state of affairs by informing the delegates of the Geldraad that a grand convergence of energies was converging around Vindicarum. According to Humboldsson, such a cataclysmic event would certainly draw in every aetherstreams within ten thousand air leagues of Vindicarum. Upon hearing this, even Klarsdottr was taken aback for, if true, this would instantly make Vindicarum the most valuable asset in Chamon. Admiral Imoda Barrasdottr was swift to take advantage of the changing tides by calling for a motion regarding the dispatch of a sky-fleet to relieve Vindicarum. As the votes were cast one by one, all eyes turned to Grubda Klarsdottr, for all knew that hers would decide the outcome.[1b]

Ultimately, the historic Second Conference of Madralta ended in consensus: the fractious sky-ports of the Kharadron Empire would rescue the Sigmar's armies from their dire predicament and lay claim to valuable aetherstreams around Vindicarum.[1c]

Siege of Vindicarum

At the Siege of Vindicarum, it was Brubda Klarsdottr's shock-fleet that cleared the streets of Vindicarum with aethercannon barrages and grudgesettler bombardments. With the Grudgebreaker prow-ram of her flagship, the Goldhammer, she rammed Atra'zan the Immolator's chariot, pulverising both the rider and his disc-like conveyance.[1c]

Once the siege of Vindicarum lifted, Brubda Klarsdottr transported, for a fitting price, Gardus Steel Soul and his Hallowed Knights anywhere the Lord-Celestant desired.[1d]


The Goldhammer, an Arkanaut Ironclad equipped with a Grudgebreaker prow-ram.[1c]


If we stay at this range there won’t be a city left by sunrise, and this whole enterprise won’t earn us a whiff of aether-gold. Damn the flames! Take us in, full speed ahead!

- High Admiral Grubda Klarsdottr, during the Relief of Vindicarum.[1c]


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