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Grom Juddsson is the representative of the Riven Clans in the city of Glymmsforge in the Realm of Shyish. [1]


He is invariably clad in fine robes and well crafted plate armour with his beard was oiled and curled into tight ringlets, threaded through with silver. [1a]


He built the Grand Tempestus, the great temple to Sigmar in Glymmsforge.[1c]

After the Necroquake the city of Glymmsforge was besieged by the armies of Nagash and Grom led the Duardin defenders of the Riven Clans, fighting hard and effectively against the deadwalkers who had breached the city walls. However the Nighthaunts were more deadly, able to reach through the thickest armour and highly resistant to mundane weapons.[1b]

He ordered a retreat to the Grand Tempestus, to reform on the portico as the remaining Freeguild regiments were doing. As they did so a nighthaunt manged to clasp his heart and leave him semi-conscious, infected with a sort of spiritual frostbite which was only cured by the magic of Balthas Arum, the duardin bodyguard carrying him to the temple itself.[1b]


I remember installing a well. So there’s water, at least. Why do you think I wanted to be the one to defend it? Took me months to get the capstones set properly. I wasn’t going to just sit back and let a bunch of walking corpses infest it. We could always use the tunnels, if need be.

~Grom Juddsson to Balthas Arum.[1c]


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