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The crest of the Gristlegore court.

The Gristlegore are a Grand Court of the Flesh-Eater Courts.[1]


The court has its roots in the Tranquil Kingdoms of the Realm of Ghur, a people who endeavoured to leave at peace with the realm and its savage beasts. Meditation and fasting were commonplace and they treated the various carnivorous plants, raging beasts and predatory mountains with deep respect as sovereign beings. Their nobility were masters of both arms and magic and would always attempt to spare their subjects the horrors of warfare. [1b]

However when then Age of Chaos dawned their skills and powers were unable to prevent their proud cities being destroyed and their people put to the sword or worse. The surviving nobles roamed mournfully until they were found and transformed by powerful abhorrants who gave them a new purpose. Now they resemble and act like the alpha predators they once respected. They also they often pierce themselves with realmstone. [1b]

Following the Necroquake, Abhorrant kings of the Court find a Nighthaunt Procession which they see as fleeing refugees to save. Endeavouring to do so, they find that the ghosts will not listen or halt their movements before both forces of the undead face a sudden onslaught by the Celestial Warbringers who banish the ghiests and slaughter the ghouls. Only a single king survives who vows vengeance for what he sees as a cowardly and barbaric act. [1a]


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