Grimnirsson (short story)

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Grimnirsson Cover 2023.jpg
Author(s) Graham Thomas Wilcox
Released April 14, 2023
Pages 29
ISBN 978-1-80407-495-4

Grimnirsson is a Dawnbringers Week short story by Graham Thomas Wilcox.[1]


Genseric, a Grimwrath Berzerker wearied by centuries of war and afflicted by dreams of Grimnir, protects a barbarian village in deepest Ghur which finds itself in the path of a Dawnbringer Crusade.[1]


This short story was part of The Dawnbringers Week 2023 eShort Subscription bundle, that contained five short stories focusing on the denizens of the Free Cities and their crusades to reconquer the Mortal Realms.[2]