Griffon's Eyrie

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Map of the Griffon's Eyrie and surrounding region
Griffon's Eyrie.

The Griffon's Eyrie is a region in the Spiral Crux in the Realm of Chamon. [1a]


In the Age of Myth, the Godbeast the Lode-Griffon was chased from its lair by Argentine and descended from the void to rest upon the central region of what is now known as the Spiral Crux. Its vast magical presence warps the entire region, but most especially nearest to where it roosts. As the entire region is disrupted and cities and civilisations destroyed, a number of local Empires pool their magical resources to destroy the creature, not knowing they are carrying out the plans of Tzeentch. [1a]

As the Griffon dies, a great rent is torn in reality and hordes of daemons flood through, heralding the Age of Chaos in the Realm and dooming most inhabitants. The whole area is saturated with magic, but in particular the Eyrie is transformed into a wondrous labyrinth of flying rock and crystal spires the natural laws broken by the lingering power of the slain god-beast. Metal meteors the size of cities were driven to and fro by vastly powerful winds and storms of metal blades surged forth. The mutating energy was deadly to most mortals but proved a paradise for deamons and some servant of the God of Change. [1a]

The Necroquake flung many streams of aether-gold into the Crux and the Eyrie, following them came once more the sky fleets of the Kharadron Overlords, now armoured with new technology to deal with the strange energies. In particular the ships of Barak-Nar seek to breach the area, bringing them into conflict with the Tzaangor living in the area. [1a]



  • The Azure Crown: A formation of flying rocks that orbits the golden corpse of the dead godbeast.[1a]
  • The Shardcage