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The Greygrend was one of the First-Forged Lodges of the Fyreslayers.[1a]


The magmahold of Harrworld, once home of the Greygrend, is never spoken of, though it is known that it lay in the Salamander's Spine like those of the other First-Forged. The mountain beneath which the great magmahold once lay has long been levelled, and its ancient halls lie buried and abandoned.[1a]


Little is known of the deeds or history of the Greygrend, for their successors - most notably the Greyfyrd - do not recount, or ever share, the troubling heritage or dubious deeds of their ancestor lodge choosing to keep the dark secrets of their past hidden. Despite their secrecy, it is clear that a disproportionate number of those Lodges that suffer worst from the Glimmerlust can trace their lineage back to the Greygrend.[1a][1b]


Whilst the Greyfyrd speak not of the mysterious and troubling past of the Greygrend, their Battlesmiths tell the great sagas of the Lodge's heroes and champions.[1b]


As with all else to do with the Greygrend, little is known of the nature of their destruction or the destruction of their magmahold of Harrworld.[1a]