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The Green-Priests of Hammerhal Ghyra are an order of clerics who have a mysterious connection to the plant life of the Realm of Ghyran. They are capable of walking through the wilderness of the realm unharmed by its hostile plant life, magically shaping plants, and administering healing.[1a][2a][3a]


Age of Sigmar

Throughout the Age of Sigmar groups of Greenpriests have been attached to Freeguild military campaigns and Dawnbringer Crusades to act as guides through the wilds of the Everspring Swathe or to guard supply carriages carrying grain. When battle is joined they, along with their guard retinues, are fully capable of fighting alongside their charges.{[1a][2a]


The Greenpriests are warrior priests of a sort who wield staves and ride atop war-beetles in combat. They are also known for wearing sandals.[1a][2a]} They are capable of summoning storms and coercing plantlife with incantations.[1a][3a]


Greenpriests are capable of brewing an assortment of medicines, such as poultices to remove bloatleeches.[1a]


We sent eight regiments marching into that green hell. Grots got some of them. The rest, forest consumed. They got themselves ensnared in choking vines, or fell into the bellies of fat-stemmed flowers, to be dissolved alive. Then the green priests from the Garden City came. Sandal-wearing soil-botherers we thought them at first. We soon changed our minds. It was like they knew where to tread, and more importantly where not to. Where the jungle was thick, they spoke to it, and it opened up for our troops like a book.

- Captain Orenn of the Iron Bulls of Tarsus.[2a]


  • They are derisively known as soil-botherers and bugmunchers to those who bear little respect for them.[1a][2a]